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  1. The venue of the meeting will be the Club’s Clubrooms located at 5114, State Highway 1, Kinleith, Tokoroa, 3491 

  2. The meeting will be held on a day no later than the fifteenth (15th) day of December (usually on the second Saturday of December) in each year on a date to be fixed by the Executive Committee, for the purpose of: 

    1. Electing Officers and Members of the Executive Committee; and 

    2. For transacting such other business as shall have been specified in this constitution; and 

    3. For transacting such other business as required by law and legislation; and 

    4. For transacting such other business issued in the notice convening the Annual General Meeting. 

  3. On or about the 1st of October of any given year, The President of the Club will instruct the Secretary of the Club to give notice to all Club Members    convening the Annual General Meeting.  The notice convening the meeting, which shall be sent and promulgated by the Club’s Secretary and: 

    1. Must be promulgated by post or digital means to all Members; and 

    2. Must be promulgated on the Club’s website; and 

    3. Must be promulgated on the Club’s notice board; and 

    4. Must be promulgated by means seen fit by the Club’s Secretary if the Club’s Secretary is of the view that such means are necessary; and 

    5. If a notice sent to an electronic address fails, and any Officer of the Executive Committee become aware of the failure, then the notice must subsequently be sent to the last known physical address of the member; and 

    6. Notice of the meeting shall also be inserted prominently on at least two (2) separate days in appropriate major metropolitan newspapers and in any provincial newspapers circulating in regions where the Members live; and 

    7. Be communicated as aforementioned at least fourteen (14) days prior to the last day of October in any given year; and  

    8. Include a statement that nominations for Officer positions on the Club’s Executive Committee are sought as provided for in THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE section of this constitution; and 

    9. Include a statement that all the Members are welcome at the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM); and 

    10. Provide the agenda of the matters to be discussed at the meeting; and

    11. Details of where copies of any information to be laid before the meeting may be inspected; and 

    12. Include a statement that any Member who wishes to bring a motion or resolution before the Annual General Meeting must give notice, and the content of their motion or resolution in writing by way of email to the Secretary at the Clubs contact email address no later than the 31st day of October of that year; and 

    13. Include a statement that any Executive Committee Members who are required to report or bring motions or resolutions before the Annual General Meeting provide the details of the report and details of their motions or resolutions in writing by way of email to the Secretary at the Clubs contact email address no later than the 31st day of October of that year; and 

    14. Include a statement that requests Members ensure their details are up-to-date on the Members Registry prior to their attendance at the meeting and that Members wishing to update their details can do so on the Club’s website; and 

    15. Include statement that provides that the registry will be held securely and be accessible to individual Members on the Club’s Website; and 

    16. Include a statement that provides a date and day for the meeting; and 

    17. Include a statement that provides a time for the meeting; and 

    18. Includes a statement that provides the contact details of the Club’s Contact Person. 


G-7; 1-e; I am pleased you have included this. There have been many members here abusing this. Decidng not to play anymore  and cancelling their AP's. The contract is an annual contract not a weekly contracat.

N-16 Excellent

Plus the treasurer is also appointed according to Sec N-14

N-30 Duties of Secretary;1 The secretary of the club is a person who is democratically elected by the club's membership...... seems to be contrary to what is written in sec N-14 which says the secretary is not elected but appointed by the executive committee?????

I believe our Fees should increase every at the rate of 3%.

The CPI to March 2023 is 7.7%

The 3% would be $17.91 an increase of 34cents per week.

I submit that we change our club shield to something that represents Tokoroa better. My design has the old products tree for history and dark green for grass and trees. The axes for the bushmen and the stag for the Tokoroa pines hunting abundance. It can be used for ball markers and shirts to sell. Another good revenue stream

What is the purpose of a special meeting?

What are the conditions of a special meeting?

Sub-committee should be made up of Vice President, House Captain (kitchen, restaurant, clubhouse) , Shop Manager, Greens Convenor, Match Committee, Sponsorship Convenor


Each sub-committee reports to the following:

House Captain reports to President

Shop Manager reports to President

Match Committee reports to Club Captain

Greens Convenor reports to Club Captain


Operations Manual should be developed to include

The shop manager should be given a delegation of spend before prior approval is sought from the Exe-committee

The House Manager should be given a delegation of spend before prior approval is sought from the Exe-committee

Greens Convenor should be given a delegation of spend before prior approval is sought from Exe-committee


The election of offices of Executive Committee is voted at the Annual AGM.


We require clarification on the role and responsiblities of the exe-committee.


First order of business for Exe committee is to seek nominations/recommendations for the roles of secretary and treasure. Each candidate must provide in writing their skills and experience to conduct these roles.


The term of office for the Secretary and Treasurer is 3-years but can be re-elected following a minimum of 12-month period stand-down. There is a 2-month handover period to any new role.


What are the rules and timeframes around the election of officers?

Exe committee elect a Electoral officer for the AGM (could this be the secretary?)

Who is eligible to vote at the AGM. Do you need to be present at the AGM to cast your vote? Is advance or early voting permitted.


this should be made up of:


Club Captain

Ladies Captain

Vets Convenor

Past President

A description of the role and responsibilites of each role

I believe the secretary and Treasurer

should have voting rights if a paid position then no. I believe these are key positions in the organisation and they are working positions with hands on.

I believe we do not need a vice president when we have a president and pass president on the executive.


The vice president doesn't need to make a report, as the president in his report, will be reporting on events ther club has conducted, and how the committee has performed and the acheivments they've completed.

The immediate past president will automatically fill this position upon being deposed as the president from the last executive committee. And shall stay in this position until s/he resigns, or is removed as contained in this constitution. The appointment of past president will be conducted as contained within this constitution of appointments.

That the Annual General meeting of the Tokoroa golf club be held no later than the 15th of December in any calender year.

Life membership. Where it says life membership can only be by referral of the executive.

Should read, Life membership would normally be referred/only by the executive of the Tokoroa golf club executive committee, should also allow for a resolution from within the membership as prescribed by motions by a mover/seconder as contained in this constitution.

Or a referral somewhere that allows this to be done.

The annual general meeting will be held yearly, and conducted before the 15th of December in any one year.

Absence from meetings. Not with out the express permission of the President upon each request made on each occassion which may arise.

The executive committee should consist of:  

1 x President.

1 x Past President.

1 x Vice President.

1 x Men's Club Captain.

1 x Ladies Club Captain.

Treasurer and Secretary are not elected by appointed.  

There are not to many lions native to Aotearoa.



Bryce Hamiton, National Director of Advocacy for Working for Workers Limited provides the following submission for the consideration of members of the Tokoroa Golf Club Incorporated as a Stakeholder.

Annual general meetings (1) Every society must call an annual general meeting of members to be held—
(a) not later than 6 months after the balance date of the society; and
(b) not later than 15 months after the previous annual general meeting.
(2)However, a society does not have to hold its first annual general meeting in the calendar year of its incorporation but must hold that meeting within 18 months after its incorporation.
(3) The society must—
(a) hold the meeting on the date on which it is called to be held and in accordance with its constitution; and
(b) ensure that minutes of the meeting are kept.  

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