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Member whose fees that are not up to date playing on ten dollar ($10.00) Mondays.



Date of Report by Reporter:

Time of Report by Reporter:

Date Registered By Reporter:

Monday, 28 August 2023

Tuesday, 29 August 2023 at 9:14:35 pm UTC

Date Updated by Health and Safety Committee:

Thursday, 23 November 2023 at 9:50:16 pm UTC

Member whose fees that are not up to date playing on ten dollar ($10.00) Mondays.

Risk Identified:

On Monday the 28th of August 2023, 

Potential Harm:

The club will be unable to meet their fundemental lawful obligations to the Incorporated Socities Act (beginning with s. 54 of the Incorporaed Socities Act 2022) if it continues to allow this practice. 

Proposed Controls and Actions:

Develop site controls and registration of all persons on site both physically and digitally.

Examples of physically.  A fence.

Examples of digital. Cameras and a sign in by way of mobile or by way of nfc or by way of person identifying.

Develop policy for an administrative control.  


Training on relevent legislation website for executive, members, and employees such as:  

Reporter Identified Report Type:

Significant Risk?
Near Miss?

Reporter Identified Action Outcomes:

Will Actions Eliminate
Will Actions Isolate
Will Actions Minimise
Date of Most Recent Check

Review and Checking:

Date Checked 0
Date Checked 1
Date Checked 2
Date of Most Recent Check
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