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  1. The Club needs to keep up to date.

  2. Officers for the incoming Executive Committee need to be trained to ensure that your Club can:

    1. Reduce ongoing regulatory and legal risk so that the Club is not paying fines, fees, and penalties to the state for failing to complete its fundamental lawful obligations.

  3. The Club needs to train three (3) people to take on the role of a contact person. If this cannot be established, the Club should close down as it will not be compliant with the new 2022 act.

  4. Establish By-laws, policies, procedures, rules and tikanga and promulgate these on the website.

  5. Amend and change the new constitution so that it remains fit for purpose.

  6. Update the interests register.

  7. Establish the qualification for officers and warranties pursuant s. 47(3) of the Incorporated Societies Act 2022.

  8. Organise the payment of starlink. (WFW is currently paying for this and invoicing the Club because the Club has no debit card).

  9. Ensure the WIX package is kept up to date (WFW is currently paying for this but a contact person is required to upload information).

  10. Review and adjust on a quaterly basis all policies and conduct worker and member engagement.

  11. Ensure the payment of aged receiveables (A.K.A memberships).

  12. Ensure that the calls and messages from people overseas and nationally are captured and bookings are made online.

  13. Move all paper processess online to caputre transparancy and improve efficency to enable more time playing golf and less time dealing with law, regulation and other matters.

  14. Ensure that more than just a small number of people are completing these tasks to prevent officer burn-out and ensure the tasks are done.

  15. Save money by having contact persons and volunteers engaged in data entry on the website.

  16. Establish a sub committee to conduct contact person tasks and website and data entry requirements.

  17. Remove all elements of non-compliance prior to applying under the new Incorporated Societies Act 2022.

  18. Obtain administrative control of the social media sites and google listings (again contact person). Starting with



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