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  1. Working For Workers was engaged by the Club.

  2. A draft constitution was created and put out for submissions.

  3. A website was created.

  4. A series of databases were created in order that the Club could meet its obligations and promulgate this information to the membership.

  5. A new series of Health and Safety controls were created and installed.

  6. Worker consultation was begun on those health and safety controls.

  7. Digital policy suite was created and established for health and safety and policy.

  8. Employment Agreements were negotiated and updated. (all over 10+ years old).

  9. Some training on fundamental lawful obligations was conducted with officers of the Executive Committee.

  10. Training was conducted with the worker (ongoing).

  11. A repositry for documents was created so that the paper documents could be uploaded and held in perpetuity.

  12. An internal membership system was established to ensure compliance.

  13. Forms were created for the reporting of incidents, risks, interests.

  14. Social media and google SEO was established to ensure promulgation.

  15. Established a 180 mbps internet connection to overcome issues caused by a 8 to 14 mb internet connection. No fibre is avaliable on site at this time.

  16. Established cameras as controls to identify and manage risks.

  17. Established WIFI network over the golf club for memebrs to access so they can make emergency calls using WIFI calling on their phone in the event of an emergency.

  18. Established a sign in and sign out register.

  19. Began worker engagement on health and safety to ensure compliance with fundamental lawful obligations.

  20. A bookings system was established for tee bookings.

  21. A booking system was established for cart bookings.

  22. A events system was established for events, invites, and RSVP's

  23. A online membership system has been made with memberships to be established online.

  24. Payments can be made online and bookings made for the course for all people.

  25. There is a lot more. In the interests of time I will stop here.



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